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Welcome to Range Rover Restoration, where we specialize in breathing new life into classic vehicles. Our team of experienced technicians are passionate about preserving the heritage of the Range Rover Classic whilst bringing it into the modern era. We offer full ground-up restorations that start with the rolling chassis and include every part of the vehicle, including nuts and bolts. We use only the highest quality materials and modern techniques to ensure that your restored Range Rover Classic looks and performs better than it did when it was new. Whether you want to preserve the vehicle's originality or add modern upgrades, we can work with you to create a unique and personalized restoration that meets your needs. At RRR, we take pride in our attention to detail and dedication to quality, and we strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

With over 50 years combined experience, we specialise in restoring Range Rover Classic's and Land Rover Defenders.  From body shell, chassis, engine and transmission repairs, through to fully restored and custom built Defenders and Range Rover Classics.

Shop with us online, visit us at our workshop in Gateshead or get in touch for some expert

advice on Range Rover Classic restoration.


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