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Iconic Luxury Range Rover

Iconic Luxury Range Rover



• Stunning example of iconic luxury Range Rover

• Beautiful, ‘as new’ condition rebuilt from ground-up

• Engine completely rebuilt

• Immaculate powder coated chassis


1992 Vogue SE from late in the Range Rover Classic’s life. It has been restored form the ground-up by us at Range Rover Restorations. 


There’s no real history with this Range Rover for one reason and one reason alone – it’s essentially a new car. It was first registered in February 1993 and until it was built by Range Rover Restoration during 2020-21 it was last used on the road in 2016. 


However, the team at Range Rover Restorations has quite literally left no bolt unturned in the pursuit of making it as good as it can be. The odometer reads 121,000 miles, but it has done just a handful of miles on its newly rebuilt, rebored and re-cranked engine, which has seen every core component and ancillary replaced or refurbished.


The same goes for the body and the chassis, which is so clean you’d happily eat your dinner off it. 


Being a new build, there is little in the way of paperwork. However, it comes with a book detailing every aspect of its rebuild, led by RRR’s Andy Long, a lifelong Range Rover enthusiast and time-served vehicle engineer with a CV to be proud of. 


The build was completed in April this year and comes with an MOT valid until April 2022, passed with no advisories. It has covered less than 50 miles since.


Finished in its original Ardennes Green but repainted to a beautiful standard, the Range Rover looks amazing. 


The paint is flawless, as are the refurbished alloy wheels, which are shod with brand new Goodyear rubber. The tyres look skinny in the arches, but they’re exactly the same size as the ones the car left the factory with it, when it was no doubt not as good as it is now. 


The underside matches. The chassis was shotblasted and has been powder coated, with extra paint added to the visible areas for nothing more than show value. If you lie down to take a look underneath this car, you’ll be there a while. That’s because there’s so much to see – the chassis is perfect, the springs are brand new, there are Polybushes all round. All of the axles and sub-assemblies are like new. It’s utterly incredible. 


Look into the A-pillars and below the tailgate hinge and you’re greeted with paint as perfect as the exterior panels, while the notoriously rot prone tailgate top is immaculate. No corrosion, no rusty bolts, nothing. It’s as good, if not better than new. 


It also has high-intensity LED headlamps fitted. If you’re an originality buff and this makes you wince, then the original Lucas lamps are in a box in the boot. But if you intend using the Range Rover at night, the LED conversion will be a hugely welcome (and very easily reversible) modification. 


This stunning example is built to be as close to original as possible, save for a few neat little touches that make it easier to live with. There’s a reversing camera built into the rear-view mirror for example, and a modern Bluetooth head unit and upgraded speakers so you can enjoy your own kind of music if the rebuilt V8 isn’t mellifluous enough.


The velour seats are immaculate, the headlining perfect and the wood and carpets are as new. 


Under the bonnet, the venerable 3.9-litre V8 engine is essentially brand new, rebuilt from scratch using as many new parts as possible. No nut or bolt has been left unturned. The cooling system, the electrical system - all new. The brakes - all new. The brake lines - all new. 


It starts instantly and sounds utterly wonderful, helped by a stainless steel exhaust system that should remain maintenance-free for life. 

It drives absolutely perfectly in high and low range, while the Polybushed suspension gives it a much tighter and more agile feel than a completely standard Classic, taking away a lot of the wallowiness and vagueness that are inherent to the 50-year old chassis design. 


Let’s make one thing clear here: this is not a well-used Range Rover. It was once, but it isn’t anymore. Instead, it’s as close as you’ll get to a hardly used Range Rover, having covered just 50 miles since the most comprehensive, detailed and beautifully executed rebuilds imaginable. 


There simply won’t be another opportunity to buy a car like this unless you commission Range Rover Restorations to build one for you and that will leave you sitting at the end of a waiting list that’s well over a year long. 


We don’t say it lightly, but it must be one of the best Range Rover Classics on the market right now, and certainly of the later examples. It’s breath-taking. An absolute stunner. 

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