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Car and Classic

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It’s a Range Rover, but with a pleasingly modern twist!

Chris Pollitt Car and Classic 

The History


This history of this particular Range Rover is short, in that it is in essence a new car. Yes, the chassis is 1993, and so is the two-door body. However, the team at Range Rover Restorations, a small outfit based out of Gateshead, has quite literally left no bolt unturned in the pursuit of perfection. The odometer reads 68k, but really that’s a moot number. The mileage is really just over what you’d expect to find on a new car after being delivered.


And there is no hyperbole being employed here. Look at the pictures; look at the gleaming black chassis that has been restored to exacting standards. Look at the bright, untarnished copper pipework, the bright yellow of the suspension components, the new bushes, the new hoses, pipes and clamps, the new nuts and bolts everywhere. This has been a complete restoration. Not a quick splash and dash with some new paint.


The team at RRR wanted to build a two-door, but give it a subtle modern twist. We’ll get to the details later. What we’ll say here though, is that they started with a 1993 Classic and freed its chassis from the body. They then fitted a 1993 two-door body. ‘But they didn’t make a two-door in 1993’ we hear you cry. No, not in the UK. They stopped in 1981. In France, however, they were indeed available then. So, take that body, restore it, bolt it to the restored chassis and et voila, a 1993 two-door. And arguably one of the best two-door Range Rovers that currently exists.


The Paperwork


Being a new build, there is little in the way of paperwork. However, the car will be supplied with a full MOT on completion of sale. The new owner will also get the personal registration which is currently fitted, of F9 RRC. A full bill of sale from Range Rover Restorations will come too, of course, and with it the peace of mind that the team there will be on hand for the new owner, should they wish to have future work, maintenance or upgrades carried out.


Charmingly, the buyer will also be gifted a custom-made hardback book which serves as a step by step gallery showing the build of F9 RRC. Number six to be built by RRR, touches like this make it evident that this is business based on passion.


The Interior


This Range Rover is, make no mistake, a resto mod. And it’s the interior where this is most evident. The original Range Rover was comfortable, but it was also sparse by modern standards. RRR have ensured that said basicness is a thing of the past, and have instead lavished a great deal of care and thought into updating the interior.


First, there are the seats. They’re traditional Range Rover frames, but with new foam and padding, all of which is wrapped in high grade leather with Land Rover logos. They’re heated in the front and in the back, and the fronts are electronically adjustable. The door cards are trimmed to match, and the finish is exquisite. There is a new steering wheel in leather and alcantara, but the refurbished original is available should you wish.


The dash and centre console are immaculate, and are again treated to a nice helping of that same high grade leather. There are also carbon effect wrapped elements to break it all up. Have a look at the picture - it really does work well. And speaking of things that work well, we have the electronics to consider. First of all, there is full air-conditioning, electric windows, electric mirrors and remote central locking. There is a Pioneer AVH-Z7200DAB flip-out head unit with DAB, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In the headrests, there are Xtrons HD screens paired with wireless Pioneer headphones to keep rear seat passengers entertained.


But we’re not done yet. There is Amazon Alexa Auto, satellite navigation and also a reversing camera. All the mod cons of a modern Range Rover, but swathed in classic clothes.


In the boot, there are new carpets, an immaculate parcel shelf, upgraded speakers and in the driver side panelling, a bank of USB charging ports along with a digital volt meter. Perfect for charging devices, and for keeping electric cool boxes you know, cool!


Look through the pictures and drink in the details. It’s exceptional here. The RRR team has done incredible work. It’s not too modern, it’s not forced. Instead, it’s the perfect mix of classic design but with some nice modern touches. Get in, and you won’t want to get out.


The Exterior


Finished in rich, deep metallic grey, the body of this 1993 Range Rover has been backdated to look like a model from the ‘70s. It’s a simple, unfussy affair that grasps firmly onto the matra of ‘less is more’. The paint is flawless, and has yet to see adverse weather. The silver bumpers haven’t collided with firma or flora in the pursuit of off-roading, and the box fresh Rostyle steel wheels gleam from their position ensconced within new Goodyear rubber. Modern Range Rover badges give a subtle nod to the nature of this car.


Look closer, and you see more details. Bespoke hinge assemblies on the rear windows are made from billet aluminium, so they won’t degrade into a rusty eyesore. All the door rubbers are new, all the glass is perfect. The door handles are mint and free of any chipping. It’s simply beautiful.


Open the doors and peer into the A-pillars and you’re greeted with paint as perfect as the exterior panels. No corrosion, no rusty bolts, nothing. It’s as good, if not better than new. The kick plates are mint, too. Open the bonnet, and you’ll bite your lip as you survey the fresh inner panels complete with brand new bolts affixing them - stainless, naturally.


Focus your eyes lower and peer beyond the wheels and you’ll be greeted by gleaning gloss black via the chassis, broken up by the bright yellow of the suspension and new, modern bushes. You’ll also be able to follow the shiny new copper pipework on its journey from engine bay to the rest of the chassis. Were it not the wrong way up, you could indeed eat your dinner off this Range Rover’s underside.


The Mechanics


The 3.9 Rover V8 has not simply been yanked from something else before being fitted to the Range Rover. That’s not how RRR rolls. Instead, it was completely stripped and rebuilt. New seals, gaskets, service items, timing set, fluids, the full lot. No nut or bolt has been left unturned. The cooling system, the electrical system - all new. The brakes - all new. The brake lines - all new. The… you get the idea. It’s all new.


When fired into life, the engine runs without the faintest hint of issue. Its throat is clear, it breathes deeply and it sounds magnificent. No smoke, no stutters, no hesitation. It’s flawless. And the same can be said of it when pressed into action. The Range Rover with this rebuilt V8 in the nose is no slouch. It pulls with an impressive turn of speed, and seems to have a desire to keep going. This is not a slow, tired old car. It would embarrass some new stuff.


The transmission shifts cleanly and without jerking or slipping. The four-wheel drive system engages and functions as it should, there is no noise from the hubs, no grinding, no bumps, bangs or rattles. It’s been driven by RRR and any imperfections ironed out. It is, in essence, a new car.


The Appeal


Over 1,000 hours have gone into this Range Rover and it shows. The resto mod world is a vibrant one at the moment, but there are few built with so much passion and care as this. This Range Rover is the sixth to be built by Range Rover Restorations, and so proud of are they, there is a plaque on and in the car to say as much. This is a car built not only well, but also with genuine enthusiasm. Furthermore, this isn’t going to be a case of ‘collect and go’. RRR will always be there, a call away.


Is RRR a business? Of course, and building cars to sell is the model. But it’s not just about the sale with this Range Rover. It’s about building something truly special. When this rolls away from the RRR workshop, it will be akin to waving off a family member. It’s not been built to just be sold. It’s been built for the joy of building, and to add something exceptional to the rich, diverse world of classic cars. If you want a two-door Range Rover, and you want one of the best two-door Range Rovers at this, this is absolutely the one.

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